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Watts Dance – WLA No.657005

Choreographer – Cecilia Watts

Composer – Robin Porter

Lighting Designer – Stacey Sandford 

Photos by – Alfonso Ortiz de Landázuri

Make Do and Dig! Inspired by the Women’s Land Army, WLA No.657005 celebrates the significant role of young women working as agricultural labourers during the Second World War.

WLA No.657005 is narrative-based physical theatre, performed by an all-female cast of five, evoking images of the young women who kept Britain fed through the Second World War by working as Land Girls. Set to a new musical score played live on stage, the work will show how the camaraderie of the group overcomes the sadness of war. This piece was Watts Dance’s debut project, choreographed by founder of the company Cecilia Watts who is a graduate of Trinity Laban.​