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The Government Inspector

Director – Stephen Harper 

Designer – Elle Rose 

Lighting Designer – Stacey Sandford 

Photos by – Robert Workman

The Government Inspector was performed as part of Rose Bruford College’s Autumn Season at The Rose Theatre, Sidcup in October 2016.


Regarded by Nabokov as the greatest play in the Russian language, this savage farce exposes the corruption of Tsarist Russia. An insignificant clerk is mistaken for a Government Inspector by the Mayor and officials of a small provincial town. A fevered attempt to cover up corruption and incompetence escalates to a whirlwind of attempted bribes, accusations and counter accusations. The clerk enjoys a welter of offers and pleasures, but this can only last as long as his true identity remains unknown. This anarchic and highly physical production was directed by Told by an Idiot’s Steven Harper.